Reinventing the Nomad is a publishing company that specializes in outdoor books for Alaska. We have several titles in print and there are more on the way!
('nō’mad) : A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer

The Alaska Rock Climbing Guide

After the success of the First Alaska Rock Climbing Guide, 3 years were spent updating known information and adding more areas. The Second Edition contains over 800 climbs, most within 2 hours of Anchorage. It is the most comprehensive climbing guide every created in Alaska. It containes hundreds of traditional and sport climbs, and is the first book for Hatcher Pass since First Steps by David Whitelaw in the late-eighties/early-ninties. You will not find a more in-depth guide for rock climbing in Alaska.
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ISBN: 978-1-57833-567-1
Publication Date: March 2012
Author: Kelsey Gray
Pages: 354
Retail Cost: $30

The Alaska Bouldering Guide

The first full color bouldering guide for Alaska, this guide has over 800 boulder problems to some of the best areas in the state including: Hatcher Pass, Byron Glacier, and Wiener Lake. There is also a section on the Tee Harbor Boulders in Juneau and short descriptions on where to boulder in Fairbanks. Published in 2013 by authors Todd Helgeson, David Funatake, and Kelsey Gray.
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Publication Date:
Authors: Todd Helgeson, David Funatake, Kelsey Gray
Cost: $30
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The Roadside Angler's Guide

The Roadside Angler's Guide is a comprehensive guide to fishing Alaska's road accesssible waters. It is authored by Gunnar Pedersen, who is one of Alaska's most prolific authors of fishing books. This full color guide includes not just areas around Anchorage but covers from Valdez to the Interior. The design was created by Kelsey Gray and is published under Fishing Alaska Publications. Available Summer 2014
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Publication Date: 2014
Authors: Gunnar Pedersen
Pages: 448
Cost: $29.95

Freedom of the Soul: Words and Writings of a Confused Wanderer

This book is a collection of writings that came about, as many often due, through hardship and happiness. They are writings of wisdom and questions, things to answer and things to ponder. It was the authors first book written in 2006, and has sat queitly on the shelves since. This is the first time it has been openly offered or advertised to the public. It is the hope that it's enjoyed and that everyone can take something from it.
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ISBN: 9781430309666
Publication Date: Oct. 6 2006
Authors: Kelsey Gray
Pages: 129
Cost: $13.36
E-Book: $6.25
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